Support the Local Community

Giving back to the real Local people, the Mayans.
Giving back to the real Local people, the Mayans.

Community Engagement

Giving back to our local communities is an element of The Custom Tour's fiber. Because we live, work and play in our communities, we take social responsibility seriously by supporting local schools, libraries or rural towns. The Custom Tour is part of a larger community in the Yucatan Peninsula that has its own unique character and needs. We are willing to become better citizens by starting with innovative local charities and reaching out to lend a hand in creative and meaningful ways.  Meeting the locals and connecting with those in need through a wide variety of donations such as school supplies, toys or second hand clothes. Above all else, we demonstrate the utmost respect for the people and local culture of the communities we call home. Click here to learn more about The Custom Tour's Philosophy.

Rural School on the way to Dos Ojos Cenotes
Rural School on the way to Dos Ojos Cenotes

A lot of people come here without knowing what to expect in the Riviera Maya. I can tell you since I moved here the local richness and the abundance of nature have changed my life completely in the most positive ways!


I have learned that the real people of this land are not the mexicans like me but the authentic Natives of this land of development and opportunities: the Mayan. Today there are many families living in different conditions as we are used to in the cities or developed countries. Just a few minute drive will take us into the most amazing and incredible rural societies that first established themselves in the Yucatan Peninsula thousands of years ago.


Today we drive through many Mayan Villages to have fun, snorkel and take pictures of the unique locations we visit during a perfect holiday in the mexican caribbean.


As we pass next to several Rural Schools and different mayan towns I would like to invite you to be part of this emotive and grateful experience for your own! Share, give & make lives better by donating school supplies, clothes, toys or simple candy.


Experiment a complete new way of supporting local communities as you have an incredible day touring with your family or friends.


The best part is that you can donate as little or as much as you want! Bring together  with you some coloring books or a football if you want to share with the local kids.


We can make a little stop depending on your itinerary at:

  • The Rural Elementary School, (only possible with Coba Tour) remember they also have school holidays!
  • The Mayan Village This place has no school but it is really magical to see their homes, bring second hand toys and clothes!
  • Hekab-Be Public Library The local kids are learning English and spending quality time with the volunteers from North America.

Let us know by the time you book if you would like to participate in this little human act.


Thanks for reading and thinking about it! 


Thank You Very Much For Sharing Your Love!

You will be helping the families of the Mayan Kids!

Stay Tuned! > > >